Are your readers buying and engaging with your story instead of putting it back on the shelf?

Is your annual report an annual embarrassment?

Is your magazine lifecycle too short before it heads to the recycling bin?

Do you have a book, magazine or printed project that needs a designer who cares about quality design?

There are three creative avenues within Crystal Ink. I provide print design services for organizations. I connect and collaborate with the creative professional community, and share my obsession with productivity with my own custom created day planning systems.

Design Services

I love creating books, magazines, brochures and more that look as good as they read. My designs connect with audiences because I partner with clients who value and respect both my creative insights and their target audiences needs. My clients are organizations requiring a catalogue, brochure or report; publishers looking to create or update their magazine, and experienced or budding authors with a book they want to publish. 

I provide the following services:

Creative Business

Back in 2011, after 15 years of working solo, I stepped out of my shell and connected with others around the globe who also have a passion for the creative industry and the impact it has on society’s perspective. Creatives’ Cupboard is the outcome of these interactions. Creating opportunities local for other solo and in-house creatives to connect and collaborate as well as publishing a unique magazine that shares insights and stories while providing space for each person to create their own impact.

Get Organized!

I love paper. I love making plans. Combining the two developed the myLife product line. Valuing the importance of pen and paper with the respect for limiting waste — I have created a few unique undated planning systems. Whether your needs are for the day, week or annual planning, myLife Planners had the space for you to plan your life with intention on a page that gives you space to focus. myLife Planners are always charged and have unlimited battery life.

“I'm consistently impressed with Crystal's ability to take a brand and reinterpret it into something that is new, while still faithful to the core elements.”

- Tara Scott, Mental Health Commission of Canada