My career path to design was not the standard route. After graduating high school in my home town of Calgary, Alberta Canada I stuck close to home and attained a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree at the University of Calgary. During my school years, to make a buck I began working within the sports administration departments.

I was exceptionally, (and lets be honest, I still am) opinionated about how things should look. My supervisors over the years encouraged my learning. Between on the job training and continuing education courses I began my career transition. 

Since my post-secondary days, I stepped out of the campus bubble into the for profit world by taking on a management role for a high end fitness company. After a month I realized my passion was for design and not for making sure there were enough towels in stock. A year later I was blessed with my first of two girls and never looked back. Since those early days I have been filling my years providing quality design for clients.