The One-Step Method to Avoid Procrastinating

When it comes to the myWeek system the way that I use it’s structure is to help me corral all the tasks in one space in an organized fashion. Then in the top 3 section of the day - it might be best to only write ONE thing down to get started. It’s to easy to ignore number one and think to yourself that TWO and THREE are just as important.


I’d like to clarify here that the one-step method doesn’t require anything special. It can be as simple as a sticky note or scrap piece of paper that you post up so it stares at you in the face until you are done so you can toss it or scratch it out - either option always feels good.

Note to self:
Don’t try and play mind tricks on yourself! I am addressing the elephant in the room, a suggestion that comes up all the time to combat the procrastinator that lives in all of us… the bribe, bargain and discipline we think we need in order to do what is needed to be done.

I had googled "How to avoid procrastination?" and was horrified by the short cuts that were provided.

How to avoid procrastination.png

Here is the thing I have learned in my 46+ years (of which 22+ of them being self employed) that you can’t negotiate with your ego! Your ego will always win. Whether you choose punishment or bribery, ultimately each type of action demeans you and your value.

If you don’t succeed at a task, it won’t make you a good or a bad person.

So please stop banging your head against the wall feeling like you need punishment or bribery to complete anything. The fact is, you aren't a child. You are a grown-ass adult! Suck it up and either do it or don’t and simply own it as a choice.

Everyday that I manage to push aside the procrastinator and dive into work I hate doing, I feel empowered. That empowerment has never come from an outside source. Empowerment is within each of us. Stop asking for permission or approval on your actions and notice how much taller you feel each time you accomplish a task that you know you need to get done.

If anything, instead of trying to defeat procrastination, the more we embrace it as a sign that accomplishment will lead to success or maybe there is a reason behind the hesitation and it’s time to reconsider your next step.

Now I would love to hear from you.

What is the one task that regularly comes up on your to-do list that gives you the weebie jeebies? Please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you and see if I’m the only one whose business financials want them to run the other way too.