Print is not dead. Books won't ever be affected by power failures.

Fight the feeling of being overwhelmed by downloading and filtering.

No more half filled planners at the end of the year! This unique 4-page per week system that gives you a quiet place to download everything you have on your plate and then filter through it all and plan out when you will achieve conquering the world or at least your own life. You can keep it at your desk or take it with you on the go. The size and pockets included help you keep what you need with you.


Accent your digital scheduling with analogue planning.

Write down all your crap each day so you remember it instead of cursing at Siri when she reminds you that you forgot again! The system is flexible to your needs and you no longer have to feel obligate to write things down until you need to. The perfect desktop companion that also travels well. The system provides checklists you can label as well as space for notes and a place to plan out your day analogue.


Digital does not replace the value students get from writing things down.

In order to save money, schools have been cutting out providing agendas for students. They are depending on digital blogs and apps for students to manage their work. Writing things down is actually a learning tool that is getting lost. Students will benefit from disconnecting from digital and instead allowing their mind to process better by writing things down on paper. Help your student succeed today. 

Design defines perception. 

After meeting a community of creatives at a national conference, I came home to Calgary with a mission to meet fellow creative professionals here in my own home town. Along the way I have been lucky to have met and interviewed a variety of professionals who inspire me to always be more. I created a website to help grow this community. Over the years I have independently published my own versions of a unique magazine that also doubles as a notebook for it's reader to write down and store their own creative dreams.

The mission of Creatives' Cupboard is to elevate the respect within and around the creative industry. By showcasing it's value, we bridge the gap between the public's perception of design, the essence of the creative process, and the commitment we have within the community.

Inspiration | This is the first self published version of the inspired. Connecting with icons in the creative industry one finds their own value and kick in the butt to move forward with their own creative dreams.


Tools | The second release of Creative's Cupboard on the hunt for the latest app learns that when it comes down to it, words and paper are what keeps our creative juices flowing.


Collaboration | The third volume of Creatives' Cupboard is coming out spring 2019. It will include 36 pages of insights and perspectives on the value of collaboration with blank note pages for you to start your own collaborative experience.