The Last Word on Parenting Advice

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The Last Word on Parenting Advice


Reclaim your parenting confidence with this handy little journal.

by: Judy Arnall

"Whenever I start doubting my parenting, I just open this book, and feel so much better." - Maija Mills, BScPT
"This book is a wonderful tool to help parents trust their instincts and stay true to their own parenting beliefs!" - Elizabeth Deneer-Roche, B.ChSt
"An essential gift for every new or experienced parent, for those times they feel judged, unappreciated or are just having a really bad day." - Brenda Beatty, CBE, and mom of 5
"Finally, a book that tells you everything you REALLY need to know." - Nicole Brouwer, BSc BEd, Parent Educator and mom of two
"A fantastic book that really encourages you to trust your instincts as a parent." - Carolyn Campbell, Childbirth educator and mom of 4


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