Independant Publishing | You have the words and I bring the design savvy that shows a polished and professional book you will be proud to sign. I work with authors to ensure that the visual design complements and elevates their story. Be taken seriously when you have a serious looking book in your hands. I am here to walk with you part or the whole way through the ins and outs of getting your book published.


Individual Coaching Support

There are many steps along the way to publishing a book it can seem daunting. You can benefit from my twenty years in the print industry assisting clients publish their dreams. I offer accountability coaching no matter what stage of the process you are in. So if you are starting out, great! If you have been wandering through and not any further to publishing, give me a call.


Design and Layout

You have the book written and the copy has been edited until the cows come home. Not a hyphen is out of place or mis-spelling to be found. Woo hoo! It's now time to get this baby flowed into a book design that speaks to your readers. Working together we create a cover design and inside spreads that will make your story shine.


Print and Publishing

Now that your book has been dressed up, it's time to take it out and get printed or digitally published. I can work with you to find a printer to take on the job as well as suggest a variety of online self publishing companies that would fit your needs. If you are keeping it digital I can export the files needed to meet the variety of digital reader specifications.


Digital Distribution

Time to sell some books! But in order to do that, I will get your files uploaded to Amazon and other online bookstores you have chosen to sell your book through. 


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