Space to find focus, live with intention, bring clarity, and plan for wonder day to day, week to week. myLife planners are an undated system that intersects with our digital age.

The myLife concept began, as a lover of day planners and planning my day, I found the more digital our world grew, the dated planners available didn’t meet my needs. The goal of the myLife Planner line is to bridge the gap between digital and the benefits of the tactile nature of pen/pencil on paper. I don’t know about you, but when you get me at my computer, the digital nature of things encourages me to multi-task and with that I have found I am unable to feel like I have made any headway on what needed to get accomplished.

The power of paper is that it doesn’t need any. Always turned on — or on your desk — it is a simple matter of opening it’s pages and having focus on what you have chosen is worth writing down.

Over the years I had begun to create my own version of a page-per-day planner. Enough space for tasks, noting meetings and appointments in my day and in general a space to host the random phone messages and ideas. After noticing days when I wouldn’t need or touch my planner, it seemed a waste of a great page. So I created an undated version so all the pages got the love when needed — the myDay was born. The first run was published in 2014 and was sold through my business, as well as gifted a self-promo project that showcased the value of print.
Over the last year working with a business coach I began find clarity in my business. I realized my downfall was in only being able to look at one day at a time, so I created the myWeek. I have found the master list of tasks useful and something I could refer to and spread the work over the week in one glance. Since using this system I have felt more relaxed and in control of both my work and personal life.

Each planner is designed, printed and bound right in-house. I print out each page in my home office on my HP printer, trim and wire-o coil bind with my own two hands. 


myDay is a day-at-a-glance system for the person who has a handle on their workflow with digital apps yet appreciates the benefits of pen to paper for an offline approach that allows them to focus on daily task management.

Digital calendars are great, but to get a lot done, you have to break it into smaller tasks that you can achieve each day. The myDay makes you think about those tasks that are most valuable to you and your business forcing my brain to slow down. I have become more productive and moved forward with the items that really matter. The myDay is a valuable productivity tool for all creatives!


myWeek is for the person who prefers paper and pen for an offline approach to their workflow. You will find clarity by using this week-at-a-glance format so you can plan your life with intention.

I love the myWeek planner so much I bought my second one, so no time lapses between the two. I love being able to write everything down in one book. There are a zillion apps, however for me, but nothing beats sitting and writing. The myWeek is a true labour of love, so well thought out and detailed. Great paper stock and each updated version keeps getting better and better.


mySCHOOLdaze is a day-at-a-glance system for middle and high school students. There are up to 100 undated days for your child to write down homework, assignments and their own personal to-do's. A great tool to accompany this digital world. 

I work and create digitally, BUT, when it comes to making plans it’s pure analog for me: pen on paper. There’s something about the pace and the process of writing out to-do lists, goals, and reminders—and brainstorming ideas using words and sketches—that connects with my brain in ways the computer can’t match. The myWeek hooked me right away with the flexibile layout, page-by-page structure, spiral binding, and the way you can cut the bottom corners off certain pages to keep track of where you’re at.
— JIM KRAUSE, Author and designer,