Promote Positive Change with your Fundraiser

How many boxes of cookie dough can you sell before you are guilty of exposing your community to serious diabetes?
Crystal Ink has an alternative fundraising product that benefits anyone’s productivity and ability to focus and live their days with intention. Collaborate with Crystal to produce and offer a uniquely branded series of myLife planners. These myLife Planners are designed to supplement digital calendars with tactile learning and help to create focus. myLife offers three different planner options:

myWeek | $45 Retail

No more half filled planners at the end of the year! This portable unique 4-page per week system provides a quiet place to download everything out of one’s head and take steps towards productivity.

4 Pages Per Week
Legal Half Wire-o Undated Daily Planner
(7" wide x 8.5" tall) | 150 Pages

  • 24 Undated Weeks

  • 6 Undated Months

  • 30 Pages of Notes

  • Pockets for Storage.

myDay | $30 Retail

Flexible structure that anyone can customize. The clutter-free space doesn’t micro manage lives but does put you back in control of your day.

2 Pages Per Day
Letter-Half Wire-o Undated Daily Planner
(6" wide x 8.5" tall) | 150 Pages

  • 60 Undated Days

  • 6 Undated Months

  • Monthly Project Planning

  • Pockets for Storage

myStudies | $30 Retail

Today’s digital generation has lost the benefits of tactile learning. This unique system provides students with the space to track their homework, assignments and activities so you can stop hearing, “But I forgot!” in the classroom.

2 Days Per Page
Letter-Half Wire-o Undated Daily Planner
(6" wide x 8.5" tall) | 150 Pages

  • 200 Undated Days

  • 10 Undated Months

  • 10 Monthly Project Planning Pages

  • Pockets for Storage


Benefits include:

  • Group benefits range from 20%-30% of sales depending on total funds raised from books sold.

  • FREE customized front cover design ($500 Value)

  • Organization logo on the back cover.

  • BONUS a designed inside front page that your organization can promote or thank those who have supported your school. ($500 Value)

  • Unique URL for online ordering (no more paper order forms!) All funds will be processed through Crystal Ink so no more managing or collecting funds from your students.

  • The option to add a fundraising goal chart to show sales progress. Help supporters see how their purchases help your school reach goals.

  • On demand production ensures no waste. Only produce what your group sells.

How it works:

  1. We connect and discuss your organization’s fundraising program and how we can collaborate on a customized series of planners.

  2. I follow up with an agreement that will need to to be signed by your organization’s authority which will outline the details of the fundraiser including a commitment to order a minimum of 50 planners, defined sale start and ending dates, and cancellation fee.

  3. Your unique webpage will be created for you to review. Ordering details will include the type of planner (myWeek, myDay, myStudies), name of student and or classroom for distribution. Once approved it will be made live for the arranged order dates.

  4. You will be supplied with your own custom URL that you can promote on your organization’s website and or blog. You will also be provided a PDF Flyer designed by Crystal about the promotion that you can print and digitally distribute. After that, it’s up to the students to talk their family and friends and direct them to the online website and Crystal Ink takes it from there.

  5. After the order deadline, you will be provided a report on the summary of sales.

  6. Delivery of product will depend on the total number of books sold. So could be anywhere between 3-6 weeks. (Why so long you may ask? Well here is the thing, Crystal is the one who will be arranging the on demand printing of the books, as well as binding and packaging. All books are produced locally in Calgary, supporting local businesses, and quality management is key.)

  7. All planners will be labelled with customer name and classroom/student they assigned their online sale to. You will then receive as well your sponsored cheque based on final sales.

Customize your fundraiser

Customize the planners with your organization’s branding with a front cover, page 1 insert and your logo on the back cover.

Dollars and Cents

Okay lets get down to brass tax. What kind of return will your school see as your students make sales?

  • Printing costs are reduced when printing in low numbers. So any total sales under $4,999 your school will receive 20% of gross sales ($999). If your sale are above $5000 you will benefit from the low cost of sales and get 30% of gross sales ($1,500)

  • For a school with an average of 1,000 students, and 10% of them sell at least two planners ($30 each), you will have a total sale of $6000 which gets you a 30% return ($1,800).

And because who doesn’t love a good chart… here is a quick look at how sales translate into money in your budget!

Funds Raised

$0-4999 in Sales

$5000 + in Sales


What is the catch?

Well last time I checked, my health was good, so nothing icky to catch here. Each fundraising collaboration will be customized to the needs of each organization.

There is no upfront cost, but…. if after the fundraiser has been set up with all the designs and website created and the agreed minimum order is not met or your organization decides to cancel, there will be a cancellation fee of $150 to cover the expenses for the design, project management, and the cost of the financial fees to take sales and issue refunds.

No more wrapping paper, no more cookie dough, no more sausages, and the best part, no more hassles. Work with Crystal to get everything set up.

Who is this Crystal person?

Crystal has been part of the Calgary community since she first drew breath. She has a love of community and sees the power we all have in our hearts and minds. Crystal has always had an interest in day planners since her high school days, remember when schools provided planners to their students? Since then, the digital technology has altered how we track meetings, class times and appointments. But through it all, what iCal can’t do is the tactile focus you get with pencil/pen on paper. Young minds and seasoned ones both benefit from jotting down what we need to accomplish.

Crystal found it a challenge to work with pre-digital day planner systems and using her design skills she created undated systems that met her needs as a self employed creative business owner, mother of two gregarious girls and multi-tacker always striving to not drop the ball on what matters. These planners are the result of years of product development and collaborating with others who see the value in finding focus, bring clarity, live with intention and plan for wonder. 

The production of myLife planners is all done locally in Calgary. In fact, by Crystal’s own hands. From designing, to printing, to trimming, gluing, binding, and packaging. Opting to invest in the local Calgary community instead of global corporate interests, has a higher cost, but the savings to the environment and investing back into the local economy is priceless.


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