What To Do After "I'm sorry, it's cancer."

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What To Do After "I'm sorry, it's cancer."


An Exceptional Guidebook for Navigating Your Way to Health and Happiness

by: Wanda St. Hilaire

You can never comprehend the severe and sudden impact of the words, “I’m sorry, it’s cancer” unless they are directed at you. Wanda St. Hilaire personally and profoundly knows the effects of those four words—twice over. With her first diagnosis at the age of 29, Wanda was an anomaly. Today, cancer is epidemic—one in three people will be diagnosed—and age does not exempt anyone.

Many people given the diagnosis either panic and make knee-jerk decisions under duress or check out and allow others to dictate their cancer journey. What can you do instead?

Firstly, make fully informed, intuitive decisions. Knowledge is empowerment. Secondly, address the real causes of the imbalances that give cancer a place to thrive. Cancer is a “whole person” disease, yet it is typically treated as a separate entity to be aggressively attacked. Every part of our bodies and all aspects of our lives are interdependent of the other and there is far more you can do to heal cancer than the standard surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy protocols.

This fusion guidebook-memoir helps navigate prevention as much as it is for those diagnosed with disease; it is a resource for living life to the fullest. St. Hilaire presents simple-to-digest material and wisdom woven with insightful anecdotes. She provides an invaluable amalgamation of research in a context not always accessible at your cancer centre.

What To Do After “I’m sorry, it’s cancer.” is a compelling reminder that impossible things happen every day.

"What a remarkable mixture of facts, data, research, warmth, humour, compassion, inspiration, vulnerability and courage!"
—Dianne Quinton, Coach

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