Parenting With Patience


Parenting With Patience


Turn frustration into connection with 3 easy steps

by: Judy Arnall

Discover what your child is capable of and learn new ways to help you manage stress and help your child manage frustration. 

Key messages in Parenting With Patience

  • We need to be in control to teach our children self-control
  • We get ourselves calm first by timeout, then get our children calm by time-in, then solve the problem by time-together
  • We can separate our anger from our discipline and make better respectful decisions
  • Most parents' expectations of small children are too high. We need detailed information on child development to decide if it is a development issue or a discipline issue. Development charts included for ages 0-25
  • Positive discipline has to begin with positive stress management
  • "Submarine Parenting"™ is when parents see the need or feeling under the behaviour and address the root causes of misbehavior
  • Typical punishments like grounding, time-outs, and consequences shut down parent-child communication and escalates anger
  • Our world has shifted and we need to shift our parenting to build relationships between parent and child
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