WHY do we want to sell your books?

As self publishing authors ourselves, we struggle with the challenge of marketing and selling our own books among an industry that seems dominated by big box bookstores. Without a publisher to take on all elements of printing and promoting books, the risk and commitment can seem daunting. So we want to band together and help each other out. 

WHAT do you get out of this?

  • We add your book to our inventory at pop up events and in between we will sell online via our B.O.B. online shop.
  • Promotion online on our website
  • Promotion on our Facebook page.
  • 75% profit from book sales, compared to bookstores 40-50%.
  • No risk sales opportunity. If your book doesn't sell you don't pay.

WHERE and WHEN does the magic happen?

  • We are sticking to our backyard here in Calgary, Alberta at this time.
  • We are getting organized to start up for the fall of 2017. We have a couple events planned and booked. Please check in on our B.O.B. page for updates.

WHO do we want to work with?

  • You, if you are a local Calgary self-published author.
  • Authors from around the country who are willing to invest in the cost of shipping copies of their books our way for our pop up events.

WHAT do we get out of this?

  • Building a community of local self-published authors.
  • We receive a wider variety of inventory to attract consumer interest which translates into more sales.
  • A sales fee of 25% to cover the event expenses (vendor fees, marketing and promotion, display costs and staffing event).

HOW do you get started?

Read and review the B.O.B. and Author Terms and Agreement. If you are cool with it please complete the form below and then B.O.B. will follow up with you to confirm details within 24 hours.

Sell my Book!

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