Road Trip Insights

Road Trip Insights

It’s official. I am done with road trips, well... for a while anyway.

Since the beginning of May, I have driven over 4,000 KM. This includes the scenic drive to and back from Vancouver and I recently I tacked on a family road trip to the town of Dauphin, MB for a memorial service for my aunt who passed away in December. That was another 2,100 KM there and back over the long weekend.

I would like to point out that as much as I am done with driving for a while, I did enjoy it. The drive through the BC interior was stunning. The spring green was fresh and alive, tie that in with the surrounding mountains and sometimes blue skies, you have all the ingredients of a road well traveled.

On the flip side, driving through the prairies was long, less visually engaging, but in its own way allowed me to be in my head without distractions. I actually listened to some podcasts and some CBC Radio programming. 

Of course, the by-product of all this ‘thinking’ and ‘listening’ was how creative ideas would flow through my mind...

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