Setting Limits in Business


      I recently posted a meme on my Instagram account, a quote I think I came up with - but who knows where I heard it from,

"It's only when you own your failures can you own your successes."

      And here I am, with many fails over my twenty years in business (I have learned A LOT!). It hit me recently that the amount of time I have been volunteering for an organization by helping them manage their email newsletter, has been taking time away to do my own, you know the business that pays the bills? So taking this as a learning cue and re-committing to connecting with my readers and clients in a more positive and productive way.

     I would like to think that my clients and customers don't see me as a failure, instead, they see the persona I put into the world where I have provided them with great designs, service and creative insights. The challenge I face as a sole proprietor as a company of one, that as nimble as that allows me to be, it does provide many challenges. 

LIMITATIONS help to focus and encourage creativity.

     At a design conference the suggestion came out that in order to do better creative, we need to create in a box of limitations. When you have so many creative options at your fingertips like I do. Whether it's the latest design software, amazing creative books and resources, and don't get me started on the plethora of industry professionals I have access to, all of this multiplies the variations and options I have. Yes, too many options is a problem.

     We all need a kick in the rear at times to wake us up from getting so distracted from what should be our focus, building a business, serving our customers and taking time away from the work so we actually have the energy to put into it. Hence the second meme where I was inspired to create a custom cover for myLife planners to sell.

"Slow down, don't rush, and yes, smell the roses."

     So in the spirit of limiting creative, I chose to take inspiration from my own home and instead of sourcing images and creative work from stock images. Inspired by reading the latest UPPERCASE book release, BOTANICA, I chose one of my own photographs of a vase of roses in my dining room. I chose to create from within which I am hoping will assist to add to my own unique brand.

     Another branding tool I have been trying out is Adobe Spark (Example of above failure meme). It has a new feature for Creative Cloud subscribers to create a set of theme templates based on elements of a brand, logo, colour and font styles. Helping to create consistency with social media marketing. So far it is a great tool, but not perfect. Though in a way - it's designed limitations help to keep posts simple.

    So that is what I have for you today - own your fails, learn from them and create limitations for your business so you can creatively flourish by focusing on what matters.