Selfie Outtakes

For my latest INK Newsletter, I figured the best content is MY content. So I wanted to create an image that showcased the message of the post... strength... more specifically... embracing MY strengths. So I attempted to pose for a power position, with just me, my iPhone and my JOBY remote.

There are some I just have to laugh at and I wanted to share because I think if you are like me - the best ones are the most ridiculous. Life isn't boring, so we should be sharing more of what is real.

This took about an hour of my afternoon. I had my daughter Lucy help out by actually ensuring the focus was correct since I was using the portrait setting on the iPhone 8+ which doesn't have the ability to see the screen when I was taking the photos.

I hope you got a giggle out of some of these. I mean if you can't laugh at yourself then you can't laugh with others either.