Saying Goodbye

Focus is part of the the myLife vision. It has been from day one. Having a creative mind is blessing and a curse all in one. For every project you focus on, there are normally at least 20 or more other ideas that it had to compete with for your time, effort, and investment to bring them to life.

For those of you who have been with me over the years, I have embraced the concept of the undated planner as a whole and tried to appeal to the masses by offering options that were expected or asked for. 

One of those was the myYear planner which as wonderful and simple as it was, didn't serve the vision of what I was creating in a system. I made a choice to focus on managing daily and weekly tasks over simply offering a space to see a schedule in a larger view. So I removed this option with the understanding that if this was a need by anyone, let's be honest, a digital calendar does this so much better!

Say goodbye to myDay and myStudies

This brings me to my next culling of the myLife planner line. I will no longer be selling the myDay or myStudies planners on my online store. You will only be able to purchase in Bulk or through a Fundraising opportunities.


Time is fleeting, and the time I do have, I am working on balancing the needs of my business, family life and also carving out parts of my week to experience the world outside of my home office. As a true fan of the myWeek, and the fact that it is such a different option to anything you will find on the stationary shelves at your local store, it requires more effort and work to educate and share how it can make a difference in one's life. 

Being smart about where I invest my money is also a reality. By limiting my offering at this time, I am not spreading out financial commitments so much and can do more with less. My plan is to create some unique package and subscription options over the next year. (I will be sending out a specific notice on that after we get this house thing figured out.) As well, I intend to get the guts printed offset so I can finally be able to add perforations to the planner so we can easily remove the corner to easily get to our most recent week.

Yes, the myWeek can impact your life in ways that only you can imagine and I can anticipate. It's the possibilities that this system can offer each person that keeps me from hitting the stop button on this product.

I recently had coffee with Jody, the videographer I worked with on the branding videos. She has been using the myWeek system this year and told me how she loves it. And for her, the best part, because it is undated, she loves not wasting the pages! 

This will be one of the core values of the product that I really connect with. A planner that can make a big impact in your life and make less of one on the environment. 

Now it' time to clear out the inventory I do have of myDay and myStudies. So grab them while you can online today.

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