Pondering Productivity

I don’t know about you, but I find I am inundated with tools, both digital and material, that guarantee I will be more productive which will, of course, lead to serenity, success and that future you, the one that has their life all ‘put together'.

So we dive in, feet first and give these tools a whirl. We do all this without clarity on what works best for us and asking important questions.

Can you define your ‘productive' hours versus ‘busy’ time?
For myself, I have a limited number of weekly daytime hours while my kids are out of the house, and of those, the fact is not all of it is productive. Each one of us has a unique capacity to focus. When are you at your best for the task required?

In my experience, I think there are two levels of focus. The first only requires one side of my brain, similar to ‘data-entry’, doesn’t take much concentration, easy to do while there are distractions around. And the other is intense. Creative production such as writing, editing and planning where I need both sides of my brain working.

Why do you need to be faster at your job?
First of all, is it possible to increase your output to do more work in less time and still do a good job? This drive for productivity is encouraged in the corporate culture. What business doesn’t want to cash in on more work for the same expense? As a solo business, this also can ring true. The more work you can complete can translate into more income you can generate, which is great…. but there is a downside. When you measure yourself external metrics like how much money you make, then whatever you earn will never be enough.

How much income do you really need? We all have bills to pay, but have you ever actually sat down and crunched the numbers? What kind of lifestyle do you desire, and how much income do you need to have it? Instead of focusing on the salary or sales, become intentional with how you use your most priceless commodity, time. Out of a standard sixteen awake hour day, how much of that do you want to be living life with those you love and participating in life experiences... then the rest you commit to creating income. Imagine a productive life based on hours of cuddling with your loved ones versus the number of hours working.

I love the idea of sitting down and looking at myWeek and assigning hours and tasks that give me joy and time with my family. I love planning, and I love doing. When I get to plan what I do, I consider that double the fun.

There are only so many ‘free’ hours in a day we each have to focus on what matters. Don't let your priceless commodity (time) slip through your fingers?