The smell of change is in the air.

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I have come back refreshed and more grounded after what has been a year that has been turned upside down. I had chosen to spend my time this summer focusing more on my family and our home. We had chosen to slow down and put a hold on our moving plans until both the market improves and we are financially stable to make a good move, not just a good enough one. And there is something about stepping away that is inspiring when you jump back in.

If you don’t already know, I do send out a weekly newsletter. My original thinking behind INK News was a desire to tie it into a media and publication vibe. I was going to provide my readers with news about and behind the design industry. Guess how that turned out! After chatting with my readers, the general feedback was how my diatribes have felt more like pen-pal letters and not so much the printed media content I was intending. I kinda loved like that thought!

Time for a change.

INK News has levelled up to inked letters with weekly topics that I’ll be digging into. I created them to be specific enough that I'm not grasping for ideas but general enough that my content will adjust the to the ebb and flow of my business, personal life, and what sparks my interest at the time.

Week 1: I love my clients.
I pay my bills with the designs I create with my clients. Taking time to review each project always offers great insights into my client's world and what the process looks like when you work with me. If there is a design project we collaborated on in the past that you’d like to share here, please let me know. Or maybe you have a publication in the works that needs a designer with experience, then tag me in and let's get started!

Week 2: Productivity and myWeek planner tips & tricks.
My fascination with productivity has translated over the years into publishing the myLife planner series. But the thing is, my style of planning is different. You won’t find the myWeek format ANYWHERE else. And as with all things different, there is always a learning curve. So I’ll be showcasing short snippets on features of the myWeek and ways you can make the structure work for your needs and other tips when it comes to using any other paper planner. Plus, I'll also share anything relating to productivity that I'm inspired by that week.

Week 3: Business (non) sense.
After running a one-woman show for over 20 years (yes, I just aged myself), I have experienced a plethora of wins and losses that have converted into lessons on what does and doesn’t work in my business. Sometimes it’s me. Sometimes it isn’t me. Either way, you'll win because you get to learn from my mistakes without going down the rabbit hole yourself!

Week 4: Promotions
This is the week that will be light on content with more focus on promoting both Crystal Ink design services and publications which will translate into you getting access to reader-only specials and promotions!

Does any of this sound interesting? Would you like to be a virtual pen-pal?

Sign up for INKed Letters here and you will even have the option of choosing which topics you prefer to receive.