LEAGUE Footprint

I was so excited to receive the final printed issue of LEAGUE magazine. No matter how many times I saw the photographs on the monitor as I designed the layout, there is something about putting the images to print that gave them more depth, interest and expanded the visual experience. 

I think the best part, and most nerve-wracking part of the release of my client's baby was the feedback received. The posts on the oopoomoo Creatives Facebook page have been nothing but supportive and appreciative. To me, this means that I had done my job.

This project was originally awarded to another designer, and after the client realized that they had different creative visions, they re-connected with me. It was my intention from the beginning to provide an art-gallery feel to this publication. The images that were submitted were art, and as such should be showcased as.

There are a few small design elements that helped the look, brand and feel of the magazine, but overall, the simple and clean design was painstakingly laid out so the star of every page was the photograph.


I think one of the best personal touches was the handwritten numbering of the magazines. I got number 217 of 760! In fact I actually have three copies. I invested the fee for the cover and content template designs back into the magazine, and now I have a copy that I would like to gift to one of my readers ($50 Value)! So please comment below if you would love a copy of this inaugural issue of LEAGUE and I will randomly pick the winner December 1.


One of the design elements that my client did keep from their original creative was the LEAGUE icon, which I created into an article end note icon. It's the small details like this that make a magazine unique. 

Below is a gallery of some of my favourite spreads inside the full issue you can flip through. Like I said, the best experience is the one when it's in your hands. You can subscribe today while they have copies in stock.