LEAGUE Magazine | Challenging the value of creativity.

Just because I love what I do, doesn’t mean I don’t need to be compensated financially as much as someone who hates their job. This disrespect has been a trend for like ever when it comes to the creative industry. There are so many stories from creatives being approached to do work for no cash, but other 'intangible' benefits.  Whether it's a start-up approaching a designer suggesting including the project in their portfolio is just as valuable as being paid, or a magazine asking a photographer to use their images for what would be astounding exposure. In the end… those things are not going to pay our bills.

I was recently tagged in to work with a magazine start-up to start elevating the value of our industry. LEAGUE magazine is about Photography for good not evil. From the get go, the content is ad free and a gallery of amazing creative images from photographers around the world who WILL be paid for their use. And the icing on the cake is that the mission of The League of Landscape Photography is to respect the environment, grow social networks and value social responsibility.

I was the second designer tagged in on this project, their first choice, provided a creative vision that didn’t hit the mark for the publisher and their target audience. My take on this publication from the beginning was to focus on the images. The amazing, unique and creative photography was the focus, and most importantly this was a magazine for photographers and respecting that they are a unique breed of creatives who mostly view the world through a lens.

My creative vision on this was to create a printed version of a gallery experience.

The cover went through a transition, and we ended up with this version for promoting the start-up. The idea is to have a cover that bled the page, and the masthead was a subtle ‘footprint’ - which was to reflect the mission of the LEAGUE when it comes to interacting with the environment. The magazine will be a perfect bound with the photo bleeding over the spine and take up about 1/3-2/3 of the back cover. On the left side you can see a watermark of the LEAGUE’s icon which when wrapped around the spine, the title of the magazine will fall in the middle. (see below)

Inside the images were to pop out first, and any other elements or typography would visually come in second and support the clean look. To highlight the photographers, their profile photos will be placed in a circle frame to easily separate them from the photo gallery while not visually competing too much.

This magazine has a little more than two-thirds of its way to go - to make their funding goal. The options are to be a superhero (includes a printed issue, acknowledgement in the magazine) for $99.95, or a patron (print subscriber) $49.95 CAN.

I will promise if you make an effort to support this magazine, you not only will be making a difference in the creative industry by changing the value of creative, but you will get one kick ass quality magazine that I will put my heart and soul into creating.

You can subscribe here leaguelandscape.com/subscribe