Do you hide and cage yours so you can protect them or let them into the world risking them being affected by it?

If you didn’t already get the gist of the metaphor… unicorns are your ideas. Your fantasy world is where you create them. So what do you do with yours? Hide them or set them free?

I am heading out of town this weekend for a vision-board retreat. It’s my intention to sit with my ideas and thoughts in quiet surrounded by the beauty of nature in the rocky mountains and some wonderful women.

I am especially excited because the location has no service! That means a forced disconnection. Just thinking about it I can feel the corners of my mouth rise into a perm-a-grin. 

I have already put in some goal planning started rethinking my bucket list items within Mark Manson's “Build a Better Life” course. Combining this with the purge and prune worksheet I created to help me create goals and focus for my next six months. Between both of these practices, I have started opening up my creative mind to the possibilities and ideas for a life I want to pursue.

I had also signed up for Mel Robbins #mindsetreset 30-day program. I think the best part of the program so far is her hard truths about the causes of our anxiety and how they affect our physical makeup. Take a test, what is thought makes you cringe? Seriously, a thought that translates into a physical manifestation. When you grasp the concept you begin to realize the power of your own mind and the possibility of gaining control of your thoughts, in turn, allow you to gain control of your physical body.

Personal story. (A classic one in fact.) My husband’s coworker had been trying for years to become pregnant. In fact, they were almost a the point to try the miracle of science but found the expense too much to take on. Recently, due to the high stress of the environment at work she left, and in no less than six months she found herself pregnant. Tada!

To most anyone, this is not a surprise. And yet we tend to keep ourselves in stressful situations for a variety of seeming important and yet superfluous reasons. When you realize how much control your brain has over your body's physical health you can begin to question what anxieties are worthy of the effects.

Seth Godin speaks to the difference between problems and unsolvable situations.

  • Does the source of your anxiety have a solution? Then it’s a problem, which in turn means you can fix it. So the power in your hands to address your anxiety.

  • On the flip side, is your anxiety based on a situation that you cannot control or change the outcome? Then by simply letting go of the thinking, you can fix things gives you permission to let it go and take a new path.

So out of this, I am planning to dig into my anxieties and do a similar purge and prune, which will help me to focus on what matters and what really doesn’t. My intention is to use this time at the retreat as space to think, with wonderful people to bounce thoughts off of, and ultimately, help me to create strategies to keep my anxieties from holding me back. 

I totally get that not everyone has the luxury of taking such an escape. But it is an easy thing to write your ideas down and see how your dailyweekly and life choices come together to make things happen when you are ready.