Managing a "never-ending" to-do list?

I don’t know about you, but I fall into procrastination mode after I have a pretty big productive stint. A couple of reasons why:

  1. I have this weird desire to take a break! It’s like a little success, and now it’s time to slow down.

  2. I think that I'm subconsciously slowing down because my ego is questioning my ideas and if I slow down, I am actually in fact, pushing back the outcomes of said productivity. Because you know what happens after you are complete your list? More ideas get added, and the list seems to never end!

We have been busy with getting our house up to snuff and right now merely living in it. It isn’t ‘perfect’ by any house staging ideal for prospective buyers, and I think my family and I are okay with it for now. Why not relax in the space that was designed quite beautifully? Why rush the job when the real estate market in Calgary is at an all-time stagnant low?

If there is one thing I have learned running a self-employed business is,

“There will always be another thing to add to your list. There is a reason the to-do list is not called the to-done list.”

Realizing this can put anyone, even me, into a state of "overwhelm." Maybe that is the underlying reason for creating goals to help us to manage our life in bite-size pieces? Let’s shoot for mini wins together.

So this is where I am, with some insight into three of the many projects for my life that I have a list for, but haven’t made much progress towards yet:

  • Creating the 2019 Feature Theme myLife Planner (I have the paper stock in from Neenah, now waiting for the wire-o coils to be delivered so then I can print up the interior pages and bind these babies so I can share and promote.) 

  • Creating bulk and package pricing models for myLife planners which will require me to update and edit my online storefront and various other marketing tasks. This one in itself is putting me in ‘freeze’ mode. But it’s about baby steps right?

  • The garage. I mentioned it in last week’s INK News. I have managed to donate/clear out some of the stuff, but I am using the excuse of the cold weather that keeps me from doing extended periods of work there.

Not sure how much success I will have this week on the above as well as keep getting billing hours logged in so I can pay my bills. But knowing at the minimum what the list is, and being able to check off tasks as I do them helps me to keep moving forward.

What are your top three projects this week? 

What are the various tasks that make up these projects? 

Write them down so at the least you can choose what steps to take next and at the end of the week see how far you have gotten. This is the base of the system of myWeek which you are welcome to give a try and see how it works for you.