A fresh start means a fresh page.

I like to have the mindset that each and every day is a fresh start. But there is something about the beginning of a new year and the energy around it gives one extra motivation to start the year with good intentions.

So here we are, starting out 2019 and you may have in your hand gifts provided with love and good intentions, one of which could have been a new calendar. Likely either the version that is as standard as the clock face, so both seem to be a visual measure of where you are in time. But outside of that, it doesn’t inspire action.

Planners these days have expanded beyond schedules and events. They have evolved into being more since digital calendars do such a great job of managing the day to day appointments. Planners have to prove themselves more these days and they are offering more strategic planning and tracking. Whatever the latest trending planner like the Passion Planner or the Day Designer or Michael Hyatt’s Focus Planner you may find in your hands or keen to give a try, get picky. A planner will either work for you or collect dust on the shelf waiting to be re-gifted or expire when the pre-dated pages come to a close.

So it’s now or never to review what you have in your hands or the latest option you are keen to buy and decide if this version will move you and your ideas forward. Why invest time and energy into something if you don't see it working out in the long term?

  • Can you easily translate your ideas and intentions to be put into action on the pages?

  • Are you finding the layout challenging, sorta like fitting your round ideas into square boxes?

  • Maybe you don’t have enough room or on the flip side can’t seem to fill all the pages?

  • Is it too big to cart around or too small to write in what you need?

  • Do you even need one? Are you a digital junkie who loves logging in to an app? Or does your daily routine start and end the same every day? What is the point of writing down simple schedules when it's just, if not easier, to add things to your digital calendar?

Whatever it may be, don't feel obligated to try a system because it was gifted to you. Your time is valuable.  In fact, if you are interested you are welcome to give either the myDay or myWeek a try! 

The purpose of a planner should be a tool to reach your goals. Which means, do you have some? One? Not a frippin clue?

This all brings me to the annual new year goal planning trend. Whether you are a resolution junkie or one of those ‘habit’ seekers, there are a plethora of programs, books, webinars, worksheets and more online to give a try.

I have asked myself why create yet another set of goal setting worksheets when there are so many out there? It’s so easy to pick and choose what can work for you! In fact, the best tool for this type of work is as simple as paper a journal, a piece of paper or if you prefer to type a blank document. The task is simple, just start writing down your thoughts and reflections based on a variety of goal setting Q&A’s already out there. Below are a few that have come across my feeds you can check out.

  1. 30 Day #MindsetReset Program by Melanie Robbins 
    This program I haven’t really dug into fully and completely but I have dialled into the daily videos and I will admit, so far her mission to reset our minds and default thinking is valuable. 

  2. 2017 Blog Post by Marie Forleo, Purge and Prune
    I have been a fan of Marie for a few years and recently joined her B-School program all because her free advice like this is so valuable so I could only assume that the paid content would be twice as much, which it is. After this post, I was inspired to create my own worksheet to Purge and Prune and you can read the post here, as well as download the FREE worksheet too.

  3. Podcast by Michael Hyatt, New Year New You
    I had a stint of following Michael over the years. His content is always on point even though I have found his style to be tailored more towards the white-collar businessman. I do find value in his ideas for sure though and like to pat myself on the back when I see his push to go back to a paper planner as well. He has his own version which has some similar elements as my own, such as being undated and each day you focus on your top 3 tasks for the day. Though he lost me when he added in tracking the hours you sleep each day. I mean that is what Siri does, am I not right?

  4. #EverBetterChallenge by Evernote
    This promotion by Evernote, of course, promotes the use of their app with templates to plan out your goal/idea and more. This can work great for those digital lovers who find the idea of typing away much easier than a pen and paper. I kinda like the concept, but each time I try to use one of their templates I get caught up in my designer space and hate being boxed up! Plus the colours aren't working for me and the font choices, don't get me started! But hey, maybe it works for you, no judgement!

I haven’t created my own but I did create a simple Purge and Prune worksheet inspired by Marie Forleo. You can check it out here.