myLife Chat with Tara Hoover


Ever wondered how the myLife planner can work in your life? Sometimes it better to hear it from someone besides myself, because I am biased. It works for me. Listen to Tara and I chat about how she finds the myWeek helps her corral her various lists and notes into one space so she can focus on the work and then shut her office door over the weekend.

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The flexibility of myWeek lets you decide what’s important to you.

No more half filled planners at the end of the year! This unique 4-page per week system that gives you a quiet place to download everything you have on your plate and then filter through it all and plan out when you will achieve conquering the world or at least your own life. You can keep it at your desk or take it with you on the go.

4 Pages Per Week

  • 24 Undated Weeks

  • 6 Undated Months

  • 30 Pages of Notes

  • Pockets for Storage

Cover Colour:
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