Ducking out of 2017


I would like to share some insights as well as affirmations about what ducking out of the year can mean for self-employed/entrepreneurs! I had mentioned in my email that my office would be closed starting Wednesday, Dec. 20, and re-opening once my girls head back to the school grind on Monday, Jan. 8 in the new year.

Are you curious about what happens during this 'time off'? Will I be languishing around for two and a half weeks chilling out?

Umm no. I will, of course, be making an effort to take time away from my business and enjoying the holiday with family and friends. But after those four days, I will be back at my desk, with myWeek in hand working at...

  • finishing up Christmas shopping,
  • wrapping gifts,
  • planning Christmas Dinner which I will be cooking up,
  • cleaning,
  • finalizing my year-end bookkeeping,
  • clearing out and archiving paper files,
  • cleaning,
  • cleaning up computer files,
  • tieing up loose ends on some last minute client-projects,
  • reviewing 2017 and all its wins and losses,
  • planning the new year, which is the fun part, which may include a fun vision board art project,
  • and most importantly, purging the social stresses, and coming up with ways to live and promote my own values of respect, equality, generosity of spirit and, community. In that spirit, one big event I have scheduled will be speaking at CreativeMornings March 9th. So mark that on your calendar! I would really appreciate the support on the day and even watch it after online.

In order to get all these ducks in a row, I have a vision for a supplementary planning tool that allows one to block out projects in a month to month way in order to be able to do a much better year-long strategy. I am working on the layout now, but if you are interested in getting a FREE sample PDF sent to you when it is - please email me!