Diversifying income and creating change.

How many times have you been told to not put all your eggs in one basket? Whether it’s your efforts and time. It could be putting your hopes on one type of customer or count on a financial industry to come out on top when it comes to your retirement goals? 

When it comes to your financial investments, and for me, I am expanding my perception of how to diversify my income sources. There are only so many independent authors that I can convert to clients and with so many businesses considering quality design as a nice to have, committing to this one offering seems be harder to market.

The hard truth is that the economy has an effect on all industries. How can you ensure that when one side of your business slows down, there is another offering that can pick up the slack? Life has been throwing me a variety of curve balls lately and I have recently chosen to diversify my income sources by taking on a consultant role for a product line that aligns with a personal mission of my own respecting that my contribution to the climate crisis is not insignificant.

I applaud Sprawl Calgary’s and their latest podcast, and topic on the climate crisis. Jeremy interviewed Janine of Uppercase Magazine and her recent business decisions that throw shade on the current industry models have made me re-think what my own choices are and how I have the power to own them.

So in the works for the while, just as Janine is ditching the plastic in her magazine subscription model, I have been reconsidering my choices when it comes to the packaging for the myWeek planners.
I have recently changed my packaging from flat sheet that wraps around the book and placed in a plastic cellophane package to moving the instructional content to the inside of the book and created a simple cover page that can be easily removed after purchase allowing for customers to be able to easily open the planner to peruse it’s contents as doesn't require the plastic packaging. Part of me is of two minds on this one. I mean, I like how the shiny plastic gives the book a level of professional appeal and protection from potential water and handling damage. But let’s be honest, I currently am only selling online, so each book is sent directly to the customer. 

Full transparency, I have been struggling lately with focus and energy in my creative business. I have been working at transitioning my lifestyle for over a year now, and the end is unknown if it will or will not happen. This uncertainty has gotten me to think outside the current box I have built for myself and have even considered a career 180.  

I have dabbled with the idea of pursuing employed opportunities,  the limited flexibility is a significant factor that holds me back. Then I tie that with desiring to work with an organization that aligns with my values to justify the loss of freedoms in choices I have with my own business.  Being invested and solely focused on my own company for over twenty years, I would need to find the right fit to make that work.

So while attending a friend’s ‘home party’ for a Canadian cleaning company, the idea of taking on a role with the organization began to percolate. You could be thinking ‘really Crystal?’, just put more effort into promoting your own design services and planners - wouldn’t that be better? 

Sure, but here is the thing, this idea of diversifying where my income sources come from appeals to me in a time where financial interests are on shaky ground. Our real estate market is in the dumps, and my husband recently parted ways with his employer - so it pushes me to consider other options for the sake of my own sanity and supporting my family.

I have dabbled with a couple MLM style businesses, shakes and then skin care products that I was fans of at the time, but they missed the mark. So after attending this event last week and hearing about how their business model worked, I found myself envisioning the potential of giving it a go.

So I sat down and starting writing out my WHYs:

  1. Quality Products. I like the product and would buy it anyways. So getting it at a discount eases the impact on my pocketbook.

  2. Added Income. With the recent employment changes, the idea of having some bonus income to help when/if things get tight is giving me a sense of sanity. 

  3. Social. I like hosting events - over the years learning to talk about myself without throwing up, I have become comfortable chatting with strangers, and I love having face to face connections and seeing where they can lead.

  4. Environment. The one core value that has pushed me to finally sign up is the crisis our climate is in. This is such a huge issue and realizing that our society is fighting over the reality of the situation isn’t solving anything.  I don’t have a wand I can wave and fix the world. But I can look at my own home and begin making changes there. I am choosing to put power back in my life. So by committing to change my own habits one at a time with intention is the first step. I have used these products for years since they first came on the scene and was always a fan. So the idea that I could use this opportunity as a platform to share the ideas and see a potential domino effect and see others begin to make their own small steps is what I CAN do.

This isn’t a pitch to sell you on my new venture *|FNAME|*, what I hope will be is a window into the value in diversifying your finances and your perceptions on where choices can lead you.

I have a creative skill set that doesn’t need to be focused only on my design basket. I can translate my skills to fit in different baskets and see how my choices and actions will impact my life and the life around me. As always I keep working towards enough so I can live with less weight on my shoulders.