Bring on the Sun!

Welcome summer...wait, what? Where did the last six months go?

I am sitting in my office on what is the last day of school for my two daughters. I am counting down the minutes until my regularly scheduled 'work day' quickly dissolves into chaos. Time to set aside for running my business will vary depending on the day, and opportunities to focus on creative projects will need to be found in the early hours or at my favourite coffee shop haunt.

On deck for this summer will be to not just do some kick ass design work for my clients, but also intend to ramp up marketing for the sale of my books. Some fun promotional opportunities have arisen for this fall, which will tie in well for my day planners. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop as things progress.

I have uploaded a new INK podcast episode: School's out! Now What? You can catch it on

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I am very sensitive to the fact that you have taken the time to read INK News and I want to make sure I am providing content YOU want, not just what I WANT. So I could be off base, topic or out of the loop, but here are three summer-sanity tips (for those of us with kids at home over the school break.)  

  1. Start the day, the night before. Life happens and weather can be fickle. Get out your calendar and task list the night before and be intentional about your day. Mark down the best time for focused writing and intensive creative brain work. And don't forget to schedule in lunch breaks and activity opportunities to make the most of what the weather is offering the next day. 
  2. Include your family and friends when you plan out your summer weeks. Don't forget to schedule in the fun. What is the latest local event popping up or market worth checking out for what your local farmers are offering? How can you torment your 13-year old? I mean, they are only teenagers for a very short period of time - my as well get some fun out of the hormonal bombs that can go off at any time!  
  3. Buy a myLIfe planner! Oh yeah, some shameless self-plugging here, myLife planners are great for being intentional and focusing on what matters!