30 Inches Changed my Perspective

I found myself one day realising I needed change; I have felt like I have been in a rut.

I would sit at my desk in my pretty slick home office and found a desire for something different. I designed and organised a room that was open and functional. At first, it was the ever increasing cracks in the chair mat I just couldn’t dismiss anymore.

The cracks led to considering ripping out the low grade carpet and replace it with some cool vinyl plank stuff ($1000) and my as well paint too ($200). So my husband suggested that if we do all that, then why not re-do the master bathroom floor since some leakage a while back has encouraged peeling of the linoleum ($1,000). All of this would require having to close up shop for at least a week. The job would require relocating all the furniture and ‘stuff’ that has accumulated over the years (lose 25 billable hours). Then, don’t get me started on the large opening from the bonus room (my office) overseeing the hallway. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a modern barn door that I know would work brilliant ($1,000).

All of this would need so the bill I wracked up in my vision close to $5,000, a whole month + income. All because I felt like I was in a rut. CHA CHING!

So… considering the price tag and the week or two worth of time to ‘renovate’… I started playing around with proportionally sized cut out paper of the various furniture thinking maybe the whole re-do could wait, but how about just moving stuff around? Growing up, my bedroom would get re-organized at least two times a year… and here I am in this house for 8 years and my furniture is in the same place. I tell you – moving two-inch paper around is a lot easier to see what works than actually moving the IKEA furniture.

I went hog wild – any layout I could imagine, and in the end, the idea of ripping my office apart to see if something could work deterred me, and no layout was better than the one I had.

BUT, I did see an opportunity and all it took was moving my large/long corner desk left 30 inches to disconnect it from my husband’s workstation. Then I relocated a shelf to box in the other side of the corner desk set up. All this during a Saturday afternoon. I am telling you – my iMac has moved so I look out onto the street and the new shelf placement forces one to ‘walk around’ to get to my desk – so in a way my kids can come in without coming into my personal space – an alternative to a fancy barn door.

Thirty inches! Just thirty inches and I have a new appreciation and desire to spend time in my office.

Why do I share? Maybe there is something about your business or if we are talking about what I love doing – publication design, that you have been doing the same way for years because it works. You dabble with the idea of rebranding on amping up your ‘game’. But full on redesign or re-vamp of your processes just seems overwhelming. Why fix what works? But… you need to mix things up. We all know that if you aren’t changing… you are not moving forward. Maybe what you need is a simple spin on what you have that gives you and your customers a fresh perspective. Something to think about.

You may be finding yourself asking the question now, “But Crystal, what about the cracked chair mat?” Oh yeah, that is where I chose to invest in a  new fancy one ($150). Taking the time to be strategic and allow the ideas to be considered instead of just jumping into something saved me $4,850 to spend taking my family to a hot beach.