Creating content for an ideal customer.

School is literally around the corner and I am happy to share all the work that Jody and I invested in the summer has paid off. You can watch the full two-minute video online and let me know what you think.

In fact, you can read more about behind the scenes of the project from the creator herself on her blog.

"I loved what she was trying to do through her planners and knew that a lot of people could benefit from the system she had crafted. " - Jody B.

Jody also created smaller videos for each planner style. I am just working at tweaking and finalizing an updated version for the myStudies and once I produce a version I'll be dropping it off so Jody can do her magic.

If I have any tips or insights about working with another creative, as a creative, it's to trust. You need to trust the professional perspective and for me, Jody was also my ideal customer. Instead of getting my creative ego in the mix, I made sure I was good with the content and messaging and left the flow and creative look to Jody. Allowing my message to get outside of my own creative bubble.

Who is my ideal customer? 

Well, the avatar that I created is not really something that is normally shared, but I value your readership and hope it will give you some fodder to think about when it comes to your own business.

I would like to start a caveat, my ideal customer is basically me. When I was honest with myself, I created these systems to address my own pain points with workflow management. And I'm a woman. I think this was one hiccup I had to get over because I didn't want to push aside the male gender and assume my products would not work for them, in fact, I do have a guy down in Milwaukee who after a year still swears by the myWeek system and loves it.

But the thing is, when it comes to marketing and defining your brand voice, you just have to narrow down the niche so you don't sound too all over the place.

Introducing Susan Wellman (Yes I made that name up.)

Susan is a 35-year-old mother of two, Josh is 8 and Candace is 10, married to Ben who is just a couple years older than herself. They live in Denver Colorado in a pretty standard suburban home where Susan works from as a self-employed interior designer. She is inspired by strong female leaders and chooses to laugh at the chaos in her life instead of cry and curl up in a ball. She suffers like most creatives from imposter syndrome who falls into the comparison game but taps into her strong sense of self to push through self-doubt and instead move forward.

Multiple hat personality tends to keep Susan up at night. Worries about her workload, either being too slow and she can't win because she worries when it gets to busy as well. Trying to raise decent human beings who know they are loved and safe, and on top of that her marriage, always the balance between keeping the family on point but also keeping a connection with the partner she chose for life.

Susan finds anxiety whenever she has to dig into her finances, even when things are balanced, as well as her back gets up when she opens her email inbox. She is a closet OCD who needs to have a handle on her life. She isn't one to be told what to do and doesn't want to be doing things that kill her creative soul.

She desires a space free of distractions that is structured enough for her to puzzle her life together her way.

So I invite you to watch the video and see if we managed to connect with Susan and her needs. A little caveat here, I cannot say this one hits it out of the park. That would be insane to even try. It's my first one and I am still working to define my messaging. But it is the first step and it's my voice, my vision that has been merged with my ideal customer's (Jody's) take on what we want the message and feeling to be.