Own Your Strengths

It could be my upbringing that had lack of leader feminine role models (late 70's and early 80's), that makes it so hard to shake that feeling you shouldn’t be talking about yourself. I mean it’s what I was brought up with, between societal norms of the time that was reinforced by the media. 

So I am just gonna throw caution to the wind and share in my mind what my strengths are.

  1. Empathy. This is one that I used to feel would drag me down. I considered myself a ‘mood-sponge’ who would absorb the energy around me. If I let it get too far it can take me down a rabbit hole, but over the years I have learned to use it when I work with clients, raise my daughters, support my friendships as well engage honestly within my marriage. I have learned that when I connect with those I interact with, I intuitively do a much better job of creating outcomes that meet the needs of others. 

  2. Communication. Okay, this one is supported by my empathic skills, but I love connecting with people. I find I am able to fully engage with people and create a dialogue that keeps focused on the goals or intention. 

  3. Listening. Another one related to both empathic and communication skills. I was asked during my CreativeMornings talk on courage, where I got all of my insight and content. The answer was simple, I listen to what comes into my world. Between talking with people, reading content online with social media, listening to the radio news as well as keeping up with what is out there. I find a way to slot the information and the brain is a powerful database tool that has some great ability to find connections to content in very subconscious ways.

  4. Loyalty. In some respects, I wonder if I simply have a hard time saying ‘no’ which is more of a weakness than a strength. But on the flip side - I honestly want to do good for others. Yes, I have my own desires and wants in the world, but if there is something I can do to support someone I admire and care about. I am all in. I will show up when things matter. My loyalty is strongly based on my heart. The saying that business isn’t personal does not relate to how I work. My business is personal to me. It’s personal to my clients and it reflects what I choose to do with the hours, days, weeks, and years of my life. If it wasn’t personal to me - I would be living a very shallow and unfulfilling life.

  5. Strategic Mindset. I dibble and dabble with the wording on this one, but I do look at everything and everyone in the bigger picture of the world at large. I see each individual as a significant part of our overall world community. I take this big thinking when I work with my client’s designs, my own business objectives, my personal life and the community around me. With each choice or decision, my mind sees the impact and steps that are in the immediate as well as future. One decision does affect each and everyone after.

  6. Creative Strategy. This one is connected to ‘strategic mindset’ but as a creative professional, I take things a step further creatively. I have an innate ability to engage my creative mind and encourage ideas to flourish. I have learned to collaborate more because I have found the end results are always better, not just because of the idea, but because the needs being met are done better.

What are your strengths? Are you willing to own up to that truth? Whether in business or your own personal life. Start considering what is unique and special about your skillsets and passions that impact the world around you.

STOP trying to fix things about yourself and own your perceived failings. You might find that your self-confidence will improve and your life experiences will shine just a little more.