Changing Perspective Changes Your Outlook

Bookkeeping, the nemesis of most business owners. It's a 'must' that we all have to address. We can't always do the work we love, if we avoid our financial health, our businesses won't go very far.

I wonder why it is that I have this innate desire to avoid facing my finances. What is it about reviewing my books garners such an internal struggle? 

This is a question I will need to do some more soul searching on, but until then, I have realized that looking at this task as the enemy is holding me back from positive growth, in both my business and day to day life.

Your mindset affects how you approach the world.

For some perspective, I would like to share a story about my friend and colleague, Lindsay Harle-Kadatz. She spoke to the topic anxiety at my local Calgary chapter of CreativeMornings. In a world where even some of her family members don't believe that mental health is a thing, she braved the stage and made a connection with everyone by putting a spotlight on her own mental health.

Lindsay has written and published her book, Depression Constipation, with the intention of helping others who also manage depression, as well as help those around her, realize that 'choosing to feel better' is not an option when your physical brain chemistry is off. You can catch her talk online here.

One of her points really connected with me. She call's it her "Try a different stall" approach. (You will have to watch the video to get the metaphor.)

She shared how she always looked at having depression as being 'broken'. And her daily phone reminder to take her medication was yet another reminder about her brokenness. So, of course, every time her heart would deflate a little each day. This affected her so much, she decided to wean her self off of her medicine. Needless to say, her brain chemistry wasn't on that gravy train, and she realized that she did need the chemical assistance to keep her from spiraling. She noticed another friend who also had depression, mentioned in a post one day that she was excited to take the meds that help her feel healthy.

This was the mind flip that Lindsay needed. Looking at the daily task, not as something to dread, but instead focus on the benefits of keeping up with her medicine.

This really sparked in me last week. I knew I had to get my GST and Income taxes done. Deadline approaching and with a two-week break coming up, having my ducks in a row was important. So how could I look forward to doing what I have for some reason dreaded?

I'm still working on how to look at the work positively. I'm thinking along the lines of an abundance challenge, the process I had set with a bookkeeper wasn't a full delegation, I have my own OCD tendencies and wanted to manage my own bank accounts, money in and invoicing, which really didn't alleviate much work off my plate. So I am going to be looking at what other digital options are out there... I do like trying new things! ... but outside of pushing through and looking for new systems and processes, I'm at a loss for a mindset change. So if you have any ideas on how to change my perception of bookkeeping pass them my way. Until then, I am gonna add a lot of ridiculous emoji's to highlight the inevitable. 

So let's flip this. What task or responsibility do you have on your plate that isn't something that is an option? How can you flip your mindset and look at the work in a different way?

If there is one thing about me it's my attention to detail and to be honest, I used to have a huge love of numbers and math. And the thing is when I finally dig into my accounting software and start, I kinda like it, in between cursing here and there, a love-hate relationship you can say.