New Site Fresh Restart

Over the years I have learned that achieving perfection is not a choice that moves you forward. So as of today, I have officially launched my new website. I made the decision to create my new site using Square Space instead of re-building my original WordPress version. 

I am a hands-on designer, and the flexibility of this type of site allows me to add, alter and edit without extensive coding knowledge. I do value and appreciate the website developers who have supported me over the years - but my decision is based on both financial and flexibility needs.

I have done my best to re-define my online brand and bring in my two side-projects under the umbrella of Crystal Ink. You will see my first, Creatives' Cupboard, under community, and my love of day planners, myLife, under productivity.

The best part of using Squarespace is the online store. I have previously used TicTail as an online storefront, and it did its job, providing an online cart website that I could sell my books. Now my bookstore is under the Crystal Ink umbrella. I am looking forward to offering the publications I produce going forward, including those of clients, such as the NOURISH Cookbook, and other future ones.

So welcome, and as you peruse, should you come across copy you think needs an edit or a link that isn't working quite right, I would love to hear from you - so just drop me an email.