Digital Twilight Zone

When is the last time you actually took a full two weeks away from your business?

I have to admit that for me, it has been so long I don’t even recall when. Add to that, traveling with my mom who is a completely different stage of life than I.

I find I am constantly running (metaphorically here - there has been no actual physical exercise these days) between demands. Running a business, raising two teen daughters, and trying to fit in some ‘life’ in between.

My mom, on the other hand, is retired. She’s retired from her previous life as a dispatcher, always responsible for everyone and being in constant communication. (So we used to be on the same page.) But now, her daily demands are more like suggestions she can take or leave.

Needless to say that our two outlooks impacted our ability to holiday in different ways. In fact, I really hate to admit this, but my mom schooled me the art of relaxing. She taught me by example. She has this amazing ability to disconnect and take in each quiet moment. I mean as was getting a head start on my e-newsletter with 3 days still go on our trip, she was sitting on our large balcony staring out at the ocean. She has been sitting for like 30 minutes and could likely just chill for the day. No need to read a book or check her social media accounts - and then after all that doing nothing, she takes a nap! I mean, who does that? Seriously, I wish it could.

Over our 12 days together, she did her part to call me out as I would reach for my phone or laptop. As much as it irritated me, she did help me focus on getting into a holiday state of mind. In order to do that I realized that I needed to cut down on my inner ‘should’ feelings. Especially when I would focus on what I ‘must’ be doing.

Here I was, on an insanely large and well-serviced cruise ship, with no demands or responsibilities. So I realized I needed to  Simply my ‘must’ at that time, was to take it all in. Relax between bites at a meal. Wander the ship without worry of getting lost, and especially to stop and observe the diminishing glaciers we were graced enough to be able to experience.

So needless to say, my intention of using this time away to do more work 'on' my business was a bust, or was it? I like to look at the world as though it's a glass half full - so on the flip side, I succeeded at escaping the digital twilight zone.

This break has also gotten me owning my digital addiction. I had given the Technology Shabbat concept that Tiffany Shlain promotes.

As the mom, I had some weight and had my girls on a schedule with me to take 24 hours off each week. Though my husband found this idea frivolous and he doesn't consider his ‘addiction’ as an addiction, it was ‘work’ so should be valued as such. (I’m gonna just shake my head on that one. Each person does have their own view of the world.)

I don't know about you, but assume you can relate. Each day we all have ideas that come to us. The challenge is when to actually act upon them. For me, I want to re-introduce Technology Shabbat into my weekly life and figure instead of just turning off I would create, "Friday Digital Detox Dinner and Game Night." Why not invite over friends and family, take time to cook up a nice meal and just connect without the noise? 

I'll let you know how that goes, and if you are interested in participating in one - let me know!