Waiting for the right wave to ride.

Is having an active mind a curse? I wonder. I find that my listening and observation skills combined with my minds capacity to house my thoughts and in a way be able to step away and see them all from a distance which gives me a perspective to constantly think about the bigger picture overwhelming at times. So much so, I have been taking mental breaks from my creative business.

With so much on my plate these days, and this pressure to create content for self-promotion, I find myself pushing back, needing to step away and disconnect. Survival, self-care, working to keep sane in such an insane world. Then the urge to heal and help the world around me pushes me back into connecting. It literally is a vicious circle.

By saying no to more, more work, more connections and more stuff, I am saying yes to what matters. Yes to connecting with my family and friends who I am lucky enough to live close to. Actual human connection. I am saying yes to being in my own life moments. Not cruising through but engaging with those around me.

When it comes down to it - that is why I value writing things down on paper. As much as some see the value in the myDay, I get a sense of peace and vision when I can look at a full week and not feel overwhelmed to get so much done in one day. There is a phrase, life isn’t a spring, it’s a marathon. This is so true. Whether it comes to work, cooking dinner or spending time with family, you can’t rush those things because there is always another day, another week and then years tick on by.

In this moment, when you sit, stop and really stop thinking. What bubbles to the surface of your core? Trust in your center to align your minutes, hours and days. Then when you find that nudge, move forward with it.

If only we all took more time to stop before reacting, we might actually get where we need to go instead of where the outside world is pushing us.

Creating a client's creative vision while respecting brand guidelines.

Creating a client's creative vision while respecting brand guidelines.

Today I would like to share a story of my long-time (first) client, Volleyball Alberta. In a previous post, I shared how we collaborated to update their established brand. Since then, I continue to support as their brand advisor and creative for projects as they arise. One of these design projects is their event shirt designs. 

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